Electric Sky Blue (2022) is a collaborative exploration of immersive and interactive sound, color, and movements composed by American-Iranian composer, Badie Khaleghian and written exclusively for pianist and movement artist, Caroline Owen. A multi-sensory experience, the work enables both performer and audience to engage with the artwork on a multidimensional level. Electric Sky Blue seamlessly integrates various media to create a comprehensive work of art that surpasses the limitations of individual mediums. The interactive visuals within the performance are intricately linked to both the dance movements and piano playing. Through an interplay of motion-capturing and amplitude-following technologies, Owen's choreography and piano performance are transformed into an immersive visual experience, curated by Khaleghian.

The genesis of the work's structure stems from Owen's poetic reflection on the color, electric sky blue. This poem serves as the foundation of the piece, which unfolds across ten scenes, each of which is based on a line of Owen’s poetry. The performance abstractly follows the surface narrative of the poem while simultaneously tracing a broader journey of transformation, beginning with the themes of birth and innocence and progressing through anxiety and struggle to culminate in a powerful sense of newfound resilience and authenticity.

Badie Khaleghian