Electric Sky Blue is designed to be performed in a concert setting and/or non-concert setting with three optional configurations:

  1. A dark space (e.g. black box theater, large installation room in a museum, or a warehouse) with immersive projection (four walls and the floor) and sound. The audience has the option to bring blankets and sit on the ground.

Required Equipment: Piano, five projectors, 8 loudspeakers, sound interface with 8 outputs, large screens, or white walls.

  1. A black box theater with back and floor projection capacity and a 4 to 8-channel audio setup.

Required Equipment: Piano, two projectors, 4 loudspeakers, large screens, or white walls.

3. Recital setting configuration: a complete performance of the piece with one projector and stereo /quad playback.

Required Equipment: Piano, one projector, 2/4 loudspeakers, projector screen (preferably large)